How Write Uniben ELA Report And Get An A

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ELA REPORT WRITING GUIDE: Welcome to the much anticipated UNIBEN Engineering Laboratory Report Writing ultimate guide. This article is to guide you on how to write Uniben Ela report correctly.

ELA Means what?

ELA as a course in the University of Benin stands for ENGINEERING LABORATORY.

The course ELA 201 and ELA 202 is more of an umbrella housing three departments [Mechanical, Electrical and Production]. ELA begins from 200 Level and ends at 400Level for most departments in Engineering.

UNIBEN Engineering Laboratory Report Writing – Pre – ELA Tips

  • Early preparation is very important so as to avoid any carry over or absent cases.

It is advised that you register the week the ELA registrations begins.

Your serial Number and the Manuals will be issued to you during this week.

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You are to come along with a NEW 60 leaves note bookand a passport photograph.

  • Your date and schedule of each laboratory work must be put down as a reminder as soon as the ELA timetable is released.

You are to study the timetable and ask the coordinators any question if you are in doubt.

  • Try as much as possible not to miss any of your scheduled ELA date.

If you do, you are on a long thing as you will start increasing your chances of grade reduction.

  • Likewise, signing of the attendance list is compulsory.

Therefore, you are to sign as instructed.

  • Be punctual always at least 10 minutes before the ELA officially begins.
  • Always take note of what your instructors says as questions might be asked regarding the topic.

The instructor in some cases give away some answers.


  • Endeavor to go through the ELA topic you have before entering the LAB.

Don’t just go there unprepared.

If you do, you will find yourself inside probably a lathe machine where you will be repaired as it will tell on your grade.

UNIBEN Engineering Laboratory Report Writing: Main Report Writing

MECHANICAL ELA seems very stressful as the report is to be submitted by 4pm that same day.

That is why you have to be extra prepared.

Having said much, lets head to what you need to know about the main report writing

  • Research on your topic and take note of any formula prove as this would make up the bulk of your theory section in your Mechanical ELA report.

Do not write verbatim what is given in the manual.

The space provided would not be enough.

Therefore, attach an A4 paper (1).

Make sure you avoid extraneous items.

  • As you step into the Laboratory, the instructor allows 5-6 minutes for the sketch of the apparatus of the apparatus in your ELA note.

He/she always calls the parts of the apparatus.

Therefore, pay raft attention and label your sketched diagram almost immediately.

If you have a smart phone, quickly snap the apparatus.

Although ensure you are not caught because at times there are some Kill Joy in the lab.

UNIBEN Engineering Laboratory Report Writing- Other Points On Mechanical ELA

  • Your diagram should be REALISTIC, ISOMETRIC and 3- DIMENSIONAL having the labeling on the right hand side of your paper.

It should also be titled at the top and also a BRIEF description at the bottom of the diagram should be given.

The description should mainly contain the uses of the parts as described by the instructor.

Likewise, NEAT diagrams attracts maximum marks.

  • All tables should be drawn with pen.

Ensure that it has rows and columns.

  • The table(s) must be titled.

All quantities must have their specified units.

  • Your graph(s) must be titled, accurately, scaled and the axis labelled.

A space is created for your name, Matriculation number, Experiment code and the scale in your graph sheet.

  • Common sense should tell you that you are to photocopy the graph given if you are to draw more than one.
  • Your results and analysis section should contain all calculations made during the course of the report.

You might not necessarily write all.

Just pick up a few calculations.

Ensure that all figures are approximated to a significant figure.

  • The section D contains very straight forward questions and you are to answer them as it relates to the conducted experiment.
  • All references should be written according to the laid out example.

Follow the format given.

  • All sections should be completed without wasting too much time.

Remember that you are to submit on or before 4PM that same day.

  • Take note of the following codes below.

The represent the branches to which the mechanical ELA is classified into.

  1. SM—————————Strength of materials
  2. FM—————————Fluid Mechanics
  3. TM—————————Thermodynamics
  4. AM—————————Applied Mechanics and Design.

UNIBEN Engineering Laboratory Report Writing – Electrical ELA

Electrical to me has more stress more than any other ELA.

This is because, you have more time to other other things and you will naturally feel you can do it and submit before the stipulated time.

In most case, when you do electrical ELA, you can’t do any other thing that day again until you submit the nextmorning.

Therefore, lets head to the Electrical ELA proper.

Time of submission:- 10:00AM the next day.

Unlike the Mechanical department (Most organized), the Electrical department does not give an already printed worksheet.

Therefore, You are expected to use the center pages of an higher education note.

For a concise report, the maximum number of center pages to be used is 3.

  • The front cover page should be typed and maybe designed.

Although you can choose to just write it like that on the front of the page.

Therefore, It should contain your name, Matriculation Number, experiment code, Date and experiment title.

  • The format of the report is thus;
  1. Title of experiment
  2. Objectives/Aims
  3. Apparatus
  4. Apparatus Description
  5. Introduction/theory
  6. Circuit diagrams
  7. Procedure
  8. Precautions and observations
  9. Table of values/results
  10. Calculation and analysis
  11. Discussion
  12. Conclusion
  13. References

This is the typical arrangement that must be followed in any Electrical laboratory Report.

UNIBEN Engineering Laboratory Report Writing – Production Engineering

I used to wish at times why this is not the only ELA we do.

Production engineering ELA is the least stressful among the departmental ELA’s.

Maybe it was designed originally to easy the stress gotten from both Mechanical and Electrical ELA.

Usually, the first visit to your production ELA is meant for only explanation.

You may although be given an assignment.

Usually, questions will be asked on the assignment when you visit again two weeks later.

Pretty easy right?

Then you write a comprehensive report about what was discussed.

That’s all.

Finally, that’s the much I can take on the topic “UNIBEN Engineering Laboratory Report Writing”.

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