When 2017 Waec Original Certificate Will Be Out

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Waec Original Certificate or Result: This is what we shall be discuss today.

Now, back to the topic at hand, “how long does it take before waec releases original result?” The answer is as simple as the question. It now takes maximum of two years for waec original certificate to be out.

Example, if you wrote 2014 waec examination, your Waec Certificate would be out on or before 2016. For those who wrote 2015 waec, their Original result would be released in 2017. For 2017 waec candidates, your Original waec result shall be out in 2019.

Now, you may be wondering, but it took more than four year before waec released my elder brother’s certificate how come you are saying that waec releases original result within one or two years? That’s a very good question too.

Before now, the west African examination council do take a very long time before releasing certificate to waec candidates. Those who are seeking admission usually take testimonial or waec result print out along for clearance. Reverse is now the case…

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Waec now releases certificate very early. As a matter of fact, many Universities and polytechnics no longer accept waec print out from those who had written waec for more than two years during admission clearance.

Therefore, if you are still wondering when waec would release you original result, this is an interesting article for you. Keep calm and wait for a couple of months…. then your certificate will be at your finger tip.

How And Where To Get Waec Original Result Or Certificate

It is one thing to know when waec certificate would be out while it is another thing to know the right place to collect your certificate.

Without much stories, waec will send your certificate to the secondary school where you registered for the examination. It is your duty to go to your waec examination centre for your certificate.

How Much To Collect Waec Certificate

There is no standard price for collection of waec certificate (I don’t know if waec fixes price for collection of certificate). However, It all depends on where you wrote your waec.

Some schools collect as low as #2000 while others collect #5000 and above. With little negotiation, the school might reduce the price for you.

How To Check Waec Result: Checking waec result is as simple as ABC and anyone can do that. I have written a detailed article on how to check waec result. Click here to read it.

That’s all for now. I wish you the very best.

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