Top 6 Reasons Why Students Fail Examinations Despite Studying

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Reasons why students fail despite studying

    There is need to understand the major reasons why students fail examination in spite of reading so as not to fall victim of the situation. As a student, if you fail an examination, most people including your parent, friends and loved ones do not hesitate to conclude that you have failed to study for the examination. This conclusion is in accordance with the facts based on past events and history,in fact, failure to study for an examination is the major reason for failure.

    However, there are rare cases where students study for an examination and at the end fail such examination. This rare occurrence is due to the some factors which students fail to consider in the course of preparation.
Some of this factors will be considered in this article.


This is the major reason why people read. However, it should be noted that there is no end to education. It is not about reading for examination, passing the examination and ending it like that. Your purpose of reading should be because you want to acquire knowledge. With this mindset, you’ll get to understand what you are reading better.

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The importance of having a study plan should not be underestimated. It is a vital step towards an effective reading. Many student read for examination without effective planning. This attitude makes students fail to meet the requirements for the examination.

  To ensure an effective study plan, the factors below should be noted:-

  • Set daily targets and ensure you achieve them
  • If due to any reason you are not able to meet the daily target, try as much as possible to sacrifice your night or other time to achieve them. Don’t leave daily target unachieved! 
  • Reading timetable should be drawn and ensure you stick to it! 
  • Spend more time on your weakness(es) 

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It is a common attitude of examination bodies to have a range of required knowledge from their candidates. This is usually found in the syllabus. Some students read randomly without even knowing what is expected of them by the examination body. As a result, many read below expected while others waste useful time that should have been used to cover the whole syllabus above expected on few topics. They end up knowing few questions from the little topics they have read.

  To avoid falling victim of this:-

  • Ensure you have the official syllabus
  • Use the textbooks recommended by the examination body(if any) 
  • Ensure you cover the syllabus before the commencement of the examination. 


Reading effectively is the key to passing an examination. The question you should ask is “How do I read effectively?” Simple! My article on “How to read effectively and remember everything”  is the perfect article for you.



Few students that read effectively fail examination due to lack of confidence. However, Confidence is only built up when you have prepared adequately for and examination. So, read effectively, confide in yourself and the story will change. You can read my article on 6 Brilliant Ways To Minimize Fear During Examination to know how to control examination fear.



Every process in the life of a man is incomplete without prayer, so don’t neglect prayer while reading for an examination. Prayer is the key to success.

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    At this juncture, I’ll like to drop my pen. So, what do you think about this article. Is there any other method which you think might be beneficial to others who have read and failed examination? Kindly drop it using the comment box below. 

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