How To Study For JAMB 2020 And Remember Everything You Read In The Exam Hall

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You may be wondering, is there any way you can study for JAMB 2020 and pass with ease? Or perhaps, you are not sure if your method of study is effective enough to pass excellently. The question is, “Does the way you study for JAMB determine your JAMB score?” Definitely, it does! Let me explain that to you.

First, let me ask you are question. How much do you remember from what you read a week after your school exams? Little, right? Or sometimes nothing! Do you know why? That’s because a lot of student cram for school exams. After pouring it down, they just forget everything. You are about to sit for UTME examination and not school exam. So, if you think you can study for JAMB the same way you read for school exams, you are wrong.

Do you still doubt it? No, you shouldn’t. If you study for JAMB the same way you study for school exams, you will only remember what you read 2weeks to the UTME 2020. Do you think that is enough to pass JAMB 2020 excellently, definitely not!

Today, I will be revealing to you 10 tips to study for JAMB 2020 and remember everything in the examination hall. I will list out the 10 tips now. So, let’s get started.

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  1. Study in the perfect environment
  2. Read consistently
  3. Don’t just read, make sure you understand
  4. Engage in active reading
  5. Take short effective breaks
  6. Discuss with friends
  7. Revise
  8. Cram few things that you can’t assimilate
  9. Use Mnemonics
  10. Pray for wisdom


Now, I will explain all the points mentioned above.


The first question you should ask is, “what is the definition of a perfect study environment?” to study for JAMB. It all depends on you. Individuals vary, as well as our interests and choices. A perfect environment to study for JAMB can be a very silent place like a library. To some people, it is a place with some background sounds. Some people can even read in the market. Whichever it is that makes reading pleasant to you, stick to it.

  • QUESTION FOR YOU: What is your perfect study environment?


If you are the type that read once or twice a week for JAMB, it is high time you changed that. Consistent reading will not only help you to cover more topics, you will also remember. Try to read as much as you can. Read at least 5days a week while preparing for JAMB 2020. The articles below will guide on while studying for JAMB:


This is where a lot of candidate gets it wrong. You shouldn’t just read for reading sake, be sure you understand every part of the book you are reading for JAMB. If you don’t understand, re-read it again and again. Repetition will make you understand. After repetition, if you still don’t understand, seek help from those who knows it. You can also consult other textbooks that are easy to understand.



You will remember more when you engage in active reading. To me, this is one of the most effective ways to study for JAMB and pass. How can I be active while reading? See some tips below:

  • Take down notes while reading
  • Highlight important points
  • Explain to yourself the way you understand
  • Ask yourself questions based on what you have read
  • Try to summarize a chapter or sub-topic in your own words after reading.

With these, you will be able to know what you have learnt and what you are still missing out. Go over those things you missed out again and repeat the process.


You should prioritize the effectiveness of your study period of the duration. Though, duration is very important. Ineffective reading for long hours is almost same with not reading at all. While you study for long hours, you should also make sure you are learning new things.

Take short breaks while studying. Don’t just read for 5hours with taking some short breaks. After reading for 1-2hours, take 10-20minutes break before you continue. It will help to cool your brain and learn new things easily.


Do you know that discussing a topic with friends will help you to understand better? It will also help you to remember more. I have tried this a million times and it works very well. While you study for JAMB, ask your friend(s) questions and let them do the same thing. Explain to him/her how you understand the topic and listen to his/her own opinion also.


When you read 10 chapters in a book for the first time, you discover you have forgotten most of the things in the first chapter. Yes, this is very normal. It happens to everybody. However, the way we face this problem makes us different. All you have to do is to revise the chapter again. The more you revise, the more you know, understand and remember.

When you revise a topic, you understand some things  that you didn’t understand when you read it the first time.


Are you surprised I mentioned this? Don’t be surprised. While you study for JAMB, sometimes you have to cram. For science students, think about the activity series of metals (K, Na, ca, Mg, Al….). Is it possible for you to understand that? NO, you just have to cram it. Same thing goes for Art and Commercial student, you have to cram sometimes.

But, don’t cram too much, it can hurt you. I have a more effective way to study for JAMB instead of cramming (if you find cramming difficult), see it below.


Yes, this is a better alternative to cramming. You can use both if you like (I use both depending on the situation). What is Mnemonic? It is a study technique used to remember things more easily. See an example of Mnemonics below to know how to use it to study for JAMB.

With ROYGBIV, you can list the colours of the rainbow in the perfect order R-Red, O-Orange, Y-Yellow, G-Green and so on.


This is self-explanatory. Prayer is very important while studying for JAMB if you want to pass very well.

One last thing: Be confident in the examination hall. Fear can make you forget what you have read in the examination hall.


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