How To Study Till Late Night Without Sleeping

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How to study at night without sleeping

Studying at night can be very difficult especially if you have not been doing that before. Even most readers that have tried to study at night read for few minutes only to find themselves sleeping already. Why do I sleep when I try to read or study at night? How can I study at night for longer hours without sleeping off? 

Well, those are the few questions I will give the perfect answers to in this special guide. One thing you have to realise is that everybody can read at night. If you read between 9:00pm-9:05pm, that is also night reading.

However, only those that know the right techniques needed to study at night can study for many hours without sleeping off. What are those techniques that you need to study at night or many hours?. Continue reading this article as I am about to unleash the “secrets of night reading”. 

Before we dive into the guide, I will like to answer the first question question which is, “Why do I sleep while trying to study at night?“. Let me say it is your fault and at the same time, you are not to be blamed. Are you confused? Yes, let me explain myself in clear terns.

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You sleep off while trying to study at night because you are not used to it or you have not been doing that before. This is why I said you are not at of. However, you are at fault because you have failed to find a lasting solution to this is. Notwithstanding, if your search led you you the article, then you are at the right placee.

Let’s go straight to the second and most important question, “How can I study at night without sleeping?“. This question is main reason why I have decided to write this article. In the next few paragraphs in this article, I will be giving you the answer to this question. So, let’s get started.


1. BE DETERMINED – Your mindset is the first factor you must look into if you want to study at night without sleeping off. You should tell yourself, “I want to study this night and I will not sleep off”. With this, you are a step further.

2. REALISE IT TAKES TIME – You can’t just decide to study at night for the first time and expect to do it for many hours. It takes time for a reader to get used to the habit of night reading. If you want to study at night for the first time, do your best but don’t push yourself too much.

3. TASK YOURSELF – Another important step you need to study at night is to set a target you want to achieve. Tell yourself, “I want to finish reading this topic”. After completing your daily target, you can now decide if you want to sleep or continue with reading.

4. START WITH SOMETHING INTERESTING – This is a very important point you should take note of. If you want to study at night, it is best to start with something you find interesting, probably an interesting novel, a story book or your favourite subject.  This is the best approach you can ever imagine if you want to study for longer hours at night.

Don’t start night reading with the complex/difficult/uninteresting books, it kills your morale and make you dose off in no time! .

5. ENGAGE IN ACTIVE READING – Being active while studying at night helps to keep you awake and aware. You can engage in active reading by jotting down important notes, explaining to yourself while reading and other techniques that I have explained in my previous article. You might want to read it here.

6. USE THE READING TECHNIQUES THAT WORK – Before you commence night reading, make sure you have understood fully well th reading method that works for you. Understand the most effective way you can read and understand, and use that method.

7. CONSIDER GROUP STUDY – If you want to study a night without sleeping, you can do that with your friend(s). Reading at night with one or more person helps to keeping you awake. How?

  • Firstly, you won’t want to sleep when your mates are reading. 
  • Also, you wake each other up when any of you is dosing off. 

8. STUDY IN A BRIGHT ENVIRONMENT – Do you know that readers tend to sleep off at night especially when they read in an environment with dim light?. This is because something keeps telling them know is time to sleep. However, when you read in bright light, reverse is the case. You will even forget that you are reading at night. In my article on “How To Read Without Losing Concentration“, I explained what a perfect study environment is like.

9. TAKE SHORT BREAKS – If you really want to study at night for longer hours, it is necessary to take short breaks while reading. I emphasized the positive effect of short breaks while reading in m article on “Terrible Mistakes Students Make While Reading“.

10. KEEP PUSHING ON – No matter how good it feels to read at night, sleeping will always be better. You will always find sleeping more pleasant. So, it is necessary for you to keep reading when you feel like sleeping.

If you can use the techniques stated above, reading at night won’t be a problem for you again. Don’t forget to drop a comment below. 


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