Why You Might Not Get Admission in 2020 Despite Scoring High In JAMB

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JAMB ADMISSION 2020 – I welcome you to another part of 2020 admission guide here at Hilearners.com. I have published some articles previously on hot admission guide which I believe you don’t want to miss out, See them here.

Today, I will be writing on the topic, “Why Students Are Denied Admission“……..”Even Though They Scored High In JAMB“.

How is that possible? You’ll see at the end of this article. What about those that scored low in JAMB? Or those that performed averagely? Simple! If you score low in JAMB, you already know why you might be denied admission in 2019, it is either:

  • You end up not meeting the school cut-off mark
  • You end up not meeting the departmental cut-off mark

But, that is not where we are going today. I will be focusing directly on those that scored high in JAMB and indirectly on others. WHY? A factor that denied someone who scored high the chance of getting admitted can also do the same to those that have low or average scores in Jamb.

So, any category that you fall in, just keep reading because it is meant for all Jamb candidates and admission seekers. To keep the long story short, below are the reasons why students are denied admission. 

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C. Schools That Have Released Their Post-UTME Form


Imagine a candidate that sat down for Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry who wants to study Medicine and surgery or a candidate that sat down for English, Account, Economics and Mathematics that wants to study Law. What happens, they will be disqualified during the screening exercise.

Whether they meet the requirement for the merit list or not, they will be disqualified. So, my advice is that, make sure you have chosen a course that goes with your subject combination. If not, change of course/institution is still on, go and change it immediately.


What about a candidate that scored high in JAMB but was not able to meet the screening exercise. These are candidates that depend on others for their source of information and they end up missing an important admission process such as the screening. WHY? They were not informed.

If you are not informed, you’ll be deformed. Don’t be thrown into the darkness of NO ADMISSION, don’t miss your chance of getting admitted because of lack of proper guide. If you want to be informed when the admission screening/Post-UTME form and date are released for your school of choice, enter your email address below.


Candidates that are fond of “I heard”, “They said”, “They told me that” and such are the ones that fall into this category. They don’t look for new updates and admission news by themselves but will listen to everything they are told.

Nothing is more confusing than listening to everything. You will end up not knowing the truth, you just believe everything. While some will tell you yes, others will say no and you’ll be confused. At the end of the day, you might follow the wrong information.


You think you have scored high, so you don’t need to read for Post-UTME. You think you passed Jamb, so you’ll pass Post-UTME. You are totally wrong!. Yes, you are. If you fail Post-UTME, you will be denied the chance of gaining admission.  If you don’t know that the departmental cut-off marks for each course will be based on your Post-UTME score only if your school conducts Post-UTME, this is the time for you to know.

5. Feel free to add yours using the comment box below. 

At this juncture, I’ll like to drop my pen. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they will also know the reasons why students are denied admission even though they scored high.



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