Real Neco English 2018 OBJ Questions And Answers

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As usual, you will be given questions and options A to D to choose from. Normally, then number of objective questions you are to answer in Neco 2018 English Language is 80 to 100 questions.

The areas you will be tested in English Language OBJ are:

A. Words And Opposite (antonyms): E.g Halima likes to dwell on trivial, rather than ___ matters.

A. Strong
B. Popular
C. Weighty
D. Heavy

The answer is simply C. The opposite of trivial is weighty. You need to practice as many synonyms and antonyms as possible.

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The good news is that you don’t need to know all the synonyms and antonyms in the dictionary, you can use common sense to answer questions well.

B. Nearest in Meaningh (synonyms): In this part, you will be asked questions and to look for words or group of words nearest in meaning.

E.g: Everyone has the urge to succeed in life. Find the word nearest in meaning to the underlined word.

A. Compulsion
B. Desire
C. Need
D. Courage

Of course, the answer is desire. Simple right?

C. Complete Sentence: You will be given a sentence and asked to choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.

E.g: We can ___ signal from one point to another.

A. Transmit
B. Transmission
C. Transmission Transmission
D. I mean transmission

D. Fill In The Gap Neco Questions: You shall be given questions with gaps and asked to find sentences that best completes the gap. Here, you are not filling the gap with a simple word but a prase or clause.

E.g: If Isaac had woken up earlier, he ___ breakfast.

A. Would not have missed
B. Ought not to miss
C. Shall have missed
D. May have missed

In simple sentence, Isaac woke up late and he missed the breakfast. The correct answer is A.

E. Lexis structure and interpretations: You must also get questions from lexis and structure and interpretation. The good news is that if you understand A to D Objective questions for Neco above, you shall be good to go.

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