Ultimate Guide on How To Pass JAMB Excellently

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Hey! You’re preparing for JAMB right? You need not worry or fret. Probably you’ve had stories about people failing Jamb woefully. Ease yourself man, to pass Jamb excellently is not as hard as they claim.


Here you’ll be getting a full guide, everything you need to blast JAMB 2020. A guide from a newly admitted medical freshman of the prestigious university of Ibadan. I had 303 in 2018 JAMB, after getting 222 in 2017 JAMB. How did I make such a great wide score improvement? This article is a packed one, you’ll get all the necessaries tips and tricks to pass JAMB excellently. You can be sure of that.

Pass JAMB excellently

  • Is it hard to pass JAMB?
  • What are the steps to take to pass JAMB excellently?
  • What should I do before and during examination to score above 300 in Jamb?
  • How to pass JAMB using past question?
  • How long should I read everyday to pass JAMB at one sitting?

All these questions is what I’ll explicitly explain to details in this guide. Let’s go straight to business

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Is It Hard To Pass JAMB?

Don’t tell me you’ve been nurturing fear due to what you’ve been hearing all around. JAMB is not as hard as the rumour carries it. It’s based on what you believe. If you believe it is quite tough, then it will most likely be tough just as you think or believe. If you believe it’s easy, then it is just as you have believed. You can do whatever you set your mind on and work towards.

Steps To Take To Pass JAMB Excellently

  • Set your goals:

This is really important. Setting your goal towards JAMB will give you direction in your study. If you want to score 320 in JAMB, write it down today. This will pressurize you to work.

  • See the achievements through your mind:

If you don’t see yourself blasting JAMB before the examination, the truth is you may not, in reality. You have to see what you desire. If you see yourself getting 180, believe me, you’ll not go beyond that range. You want to score 300+ in JAMB? Then picture yourself viewing your results in your hand joyfully. Seeing your success before actualization is actually one of the major ingredients to actualizing the success. It sets your mind to a I-Can-Do-It mode.

  • Be determined:

Be determined to come out in flying colours. If you have to be ready about anything, let this examination success be one of them. Have a great determination to pursue that goal you have set for JAMB. You know actualizing those goals may not be easy but your determination will keep pushing and driving you.

  • Avoid discouragements:

There’s no way you won’t meet discouragements on your way to this success. It may be from your friend who thinks you are crazy because you are aiming to get 350 in JAMB. It may be from your teacher who thinks no one can pass JAMB excellently without expo. This was one of my inspiration when I was writing JAMB in 2018. My JAMB tutor always made fun of those of us who weren’t ready to pay for JAMB expo. I was determined to show him one could do beyond expectations without expo. By God’s grace, I was able to. He was surprised when I told him my score. Don’t let anyone discourage you please. Keep your head up high and say, “I can do it! I will pass JAMB excellently!”. That’s the spirit man!

No go dey run after expo! You are better than that

  • Work towards your goal:

I hope you know that setting your goals is not enough to pass JAMB. You have to work towards it. Study hard! Get various textbooks! Keep working and working. You have a set expectation which you must meet. You must work towards that goal.

  • Don’t be lazy:

I know it’s not really easy to read, unless you are a book freak. But you can take pain to study, it takes pain to make some gains. Don’t wait till you feel like reading before you read. If you wait till you really want to read, you dey on your own oh. Cut off that laziness, get up and study. Yeah, you can do it.

  • Sacrifice:

Probably you are movie lover, you can go on and on watching movies for 12 hours a day. You should make some sacrifice, your movies are still very much available. Cut those time you spend on the unnecessaries. Use it maximally for studying. If you are not ready to make sacrifices for what you want, then you are not ready to get it

  • Be persistent:

Your persistence in needed. Don’t get tired. Probably you don’t like long hours study just like me, you can still survive. Just be consistent in your study, if it is just maximal study of 1-2 hours daily, you are on the verge of acing JAMB. Just make sure your study is consistent, you can increase the study hours as time goes on.

  • Have fun:

All work without play makes jack a dull boy. You should have fun in between your study hours. Even when you are not studying, try to catch fun. This will ease you of many stress.

  • Pray to God:

This is the most important aspect. Your study is very important but asking God for help is “importanter”, looool.

Do you know why I said it is the most important? Anything may just happen on the examination day. There are a lot of things that can affect you during the examination eg sickness, lateness due to unexpected happenings etc. Only God can help protect from things like that. God can direct your study. God can’t be caged or limited. You’ll be needing Him. All other point is void without Him. Saying daily prayers concerning the examination has a lot of good to do.

Tips for Examination Preparation to Score Above 300 in JAMB

How to pass Jamb

  • Study with the syllabus:

Don’t go study A’levels because you want to score 300+ in JAMB. I didn’t even touch any A’levels before I made 300+. Just make good use of the syllabus. Don’t try overdo. Just your syllabus will do.

  • Use the recommended textbooks:

There is this advantage in using recommended textbooks. Questions will come from them surely. When I wrote my examination, there was section in the Use of English that is from one of the recommended textbooks. That probably would have been extra marks for me if I used the textbooks. So if you have the financial capability to buy those textbooks, get them.

  • Know the exam you are writing:

What do I mean by know the examination you are writing? You see, there are some folks that don’t even have idea of the number of questions they’ll answer, the time they will spend on the questions. Make your research, know more about the examination you are about to write. It will help you in strategizing well.

  • Don’t cram:

Don’t use this method oh. This is the method we call ‘cramistry’ at the tutorials I went to at Ibadan. This method will streamline your knowledge. You won’t be able to think outside the box of what you crammed. Don’t cram! Read, Study, Understand.

  • Study past questions:

Your past questions is your greatest study materials to pass JAMB. I made more use of past questions than textbooks when I was studying for JAMB. Combine the use of your textbooks with past questions. You can also use Lamlad textbooks, there are quite many past questions in the textbook segmented topic by topic. Don’t just stack the past questions’ answers in your head. Understand the questions and the reasons for the answera, you can do this with the use of your textbooks. Know that some past questions textbooks are wrong with their answers, those who made the textbooks are humans like us. They tend to make mistakes, so look out for mistakes. Probably, you may find past questions when writing the examination. I found some when I was writing mine.

Tips To Use During Examination to Pass JAMB Excellently

Pass JAMB at one sitting

  • Pray before starting your examination in the hall:

Your prayers means so much. You can be sure that it is not all the questions you can answer. But even your guess can be right with God on your side.

  • Don’t be afraid:

Fear will limit your capability as a student. Don’t be afraid, release yourself. Take a deep breath.

  • Read instructions:

Not reading instructions will make you lose marks. Make sure to read the instructions and understand it so well before attempting the questions.

  • Start the exam with your best bet:

Surely, there is one or two subject you are so damn sure of passing so well. Start with that subject, it will raise your confidence for other subjects. Questions on that ‘sure subjects’ will be easy for you which will relieve your fears and increase your confidence.

  • Leave those hard questions:

You are just starting your exam and you come across some hard questions. Leave them, do the ones you are sure of first. You can come back to them later.

  • Use elimination method for hard questions:

Eliminate options that you are sure that can not be the answer for the question. This will increase your chances of getting the question correctly answered.

  • Avoid any disturbance:

It may be quite unavoidable to get other students who will dare to ask you question. Don’t fall in trouble trying to help someone. I’d advise you face your work and not waste your time answering questions for someone else. Remember it’s not your high school examination, examination malpractices won’t be tolerated.

How Many Hours Should You Study To Pass JAMB at One Sitting

Though your hours of study matters too, but it is not the most important. It is how productive your studies are that matters. Even if it is just 2 hours daily, just make sure you make the most out of it. It’s not about the time spent but how much you absorbed during study.

I wish the very best of luck writing your examination. Share this to your friends.