Paging Styles You Need As A Student In Any Nigerian University

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The following are the Paging Styles That Work For Students In Any Nigerian University.

1. Select A Perfect and Quiet Environment

Some few years back when I was preparing for my JAMB exam, I grew so serious.

Therefore, In a secondary school. Although there was one cool spot under the tree free from distractions and from the view of passers-by with a chair and table.

I then made that spot my reading spot. I discovered that any time I studied there I was happy and assimilate more.

There is nothing more than picking the right avenue for your study session.

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Just from my story above, simply look for a calm and quiet environment where you can easily do your stuff without anybody disturbing.

Under the tree may have worked for me as it still does till today, but the story may be different with you.

In addendum, it is also very necessary to pick a particular time that works for you.

Therefore do well to patiently read through it elaborately.

2. Have Breaks In Between Study Sessions

Studying 30-50 minutes intervals with 10 minutes breaks in between is the most effective way to retain information.

This I have elaborately stated in my article on how to study effectively.

Likewise, breaking your study sessions can be very helpful.

Now let’s be practical.

Which do you think is better between -Ten (10) hours of study crammed into one intensive session and 10 hours of study spread out over two weeks?.

Of course you don’t need a soothsayer to make this obvious that the former is better.

This is because you will be able to learn more, understand more and perform better in test and exams.

It will be a sin if I keep on talking about this when everything is on the link below.

  • Take notes

The importance of taking notes while in class and while studying cannot be underestimated.

It is often said that your brain recognizes your handwriting.

Therefore, never let your ink run dry.

Well the good part is that I have thoroughly dealt on the amazing technique of taking notes in the link below.

Do well to read it through.

  • Study And Prepare Study Materials For Others.

This proves to be the most effective among all the Paging Styles That Work For Students In Any Nigerian University.

In this case students actually study and teach their mates so that what they have studied will stick.

You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.

Therefore after your study, ensure you try to explain it to one or two persons and trust me you will understand better.

  • Cramming

Cramming also is another Paging Styles That Work For Students In Any Nigerian University.

In fact, let us be sincere with ourselves , this is what most students do.

Here at, we discourage cramming but if it has to be done, it should be done the right way.

This is why I have consciously and elaborately worked on the topic described in the link.

Do well to check it out.

Set Practice Test For Yourself

After several days of studying, it is very good to access yourself and watch your progress.

Therefore, how should you go about this?. Simple

Simply quiz yourself or set practice test for yourself.

Take the notes you have studied and set several questions on them.

Then remove every trace of the material from the table and answer them diligently.

After you have exhaustively finished what’s in your head, then bring back the materials and score yourself.

By now you should have seen the one’s you got wrong and one’s you got right.

Then revisit the ones you missed.

That’s the much I can take on the topic “Paging Styles That Work For Students In Any Nigerian University”.

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