Why You Need A New Year’s Resolution

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New Year’s Resolution

The tradition of New Year’s Resolution dates all the way back to 153BC.

A New Year’s Resolution is a tradition in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait and at the same time, develop the positive attitude in order to accomplish a personal goal and improve one’s life.

A New Year’s Resolution is a like a road map, a goal set-down to be achieved for the next twelve months. And the awesomeness of this resolution is the happiness that sources from fulfilling them.

A vast majority of people are ignorant of the importance of having a New Year’s Resolution while others take is as a normal tradition which has lost its value. Some having being aware of its significance, set down the goals, and unfortunately for them, as the year comes to an end, they find out that they are far from accomplishing them. Such reasons varies with individuals.

new years resolutions New Year's Resolutions

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These goals may include resolutions to:

  • Fan into flame, one’s spirituality level (through constant study of God’s Word and active participation in spiritual gatherings)
  • Improve physical overall well being (through exercise and balanced diet, avoid smoking and excess alcohol)
  • Maximize academic prowess (through content study, learn something new and improve grades)
  • Engage in self-development activities (acquiring new skills like entrepreneurial skills, digital skills, leadership skills etc through apprenticeship, attending seminars, webinars)
  • Improve mental well-being (by reading good books and quality articles)
  • Raise adequate finances (to fund personal project or a family’s business)
  • Improve in one’s occupation or career (building better strategies to take your business to the next level and letting your career
  • Spend more time with your family, coming home early, paying more attention to the home.
  • Socialize, connecting with your society through active volunteering, saving lives, adding values, having your own NGO or planning towards a community project.

New Year's ResolutionsNew Year's Resolutions

  • Time management, minimizing the time you spend on things that are of less value.


The list is endless, depending on the desire of the individual.

In setting a New Year’s Resolution, there are certain factors that should be considered in order to enhance the possibilities of fulfilling such resolutions. Each factors depends on the kind of goals. Let’s take for instance a student who wishes to boost his grades. He must ensure that everything he does but be geared to that resolution. It must affects his decisions, his choice of friends, his number of study hours and other aspect of his life. Because, anything outside this will try to threaten his focus, and eventually make him unable to achieve them.

Another case is a business woman who wishes to maximize her profit. She can choose to take her business to the digital. Just as every business has different objectives, it’s good for such person to know what she wants to achieve online. This can help you to set the right priorities and put your plan into place. She may choose to take a course on digital marketing.

A cool guide that could help you in the process of setting those resolutions

Learn to put down your yearly focus, be it your personal or professional goals.

Ask yourself: what do I want to achieve in 2018? What is it that when I accomplish in 2018 will give me the greatest happiness?

Then think of your next steps towards achieving them.

Don’t take I bite that is not the size of your mouth or wear a coat above your size.

Let your goals be specific, realistic, but at the same time challenging.

Your circle of friends determine how you will achieve those goals. If you want to be wise, follow the company of the wise. There’s no wisdom in a network of foolish people or those who have no goals. Rather than allow them kill your dreams, get the right network of people, persons of like minds who through rubbing minds together will maximize the chances of fulfilling those resolutions.

Be proactive!

Visualize your goals and go through them often. Think positively, speak positively and act positively. Then success becomes inevitable. Success itself is a gradual process.

Let your short term goals align with your long term goals.

It’s advisable to share your goals with trusted friends and family. Your help could be coming from there.

Finally, I’ll stop here by asking a question.

If you have one more year to spend in this world, what will that be?

Think… It’s rhetorical.
Having gotten the answer within you, DO THEM IN 2018. Live everyday as if it’s your last.

And as you do these, you’ll unconsciously give others the permission to do the same. Keep learning… Soar!
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