10 Untold Jamb Secrets You Must Know

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If you really want to pass Jamb 2020/2021 examination, there are some untold Jamb secrets you need to know. Today, I will be revealing these Jamb secrets to you in this article.

Jamb Secrets to pass Jamb 2018

These secrets are what you need to pass Jamb 2020/2021. Before I go into that, I want to introduce some of my previous Jamb 2020/2021 guides to you.

Now, let’s reveal Jamb Secrets.


1. Jamb is simple if you prepare very well. Don’t let anyone scare you. The key is adequate preparation.

A. Get Jamb CBT APP To Blast 2019 Exam
B. Get Flashlearners Waec App On Google PlayStore
C. Schools That Have Released Their Post-UTME Form

2. Jamb Past Questions are the only guaranteed expo, study them very well. Don’t go looking for JAMB expo. You can ask those who did last year. The best JAMB expo is your JAMB past questions. 

3. Jamb will never set questions out out of the syllabus, try to cover all the topics. Don’t go studying A’levels, just JAMB syllabus will do. It will narrow your concentration. Make sure you cover it so well.

4. Recommended textbooks are commendable, make use of them. Don’t joke with JAMB recommended textbooks at all. Many questions come out from them. There were these Use of English last year that were lifted from the recommended textbooks. That is an added advantage to those who have the recommended textbooks

5. It is not too late to start reading if you want to pass JAMB 2020. The exam is few weeks away, don’t feel because you have not been reading you will fail. The remaining days, you can make a whole lot out of it. Buckle down Mr. Man!

6. Don’t pay for expo to pass Jamb 2020/2021, there is nothing like! You will just be doing yourself harm relying on expo. It will affect your study, you won’t study well. Then, you will find out the thing is fake. Who lose after all?

7. The more you prepare, the higher your chances of passing JAMB 2020. Study smart, study your past questions. Prepare adequately well.

8. Attending a good UTME coaching increases your chance of passing Jamb 2020. Yeah, you may not be able to do all by yourself. You may be a lone reader but it can be pretty cool to try out coaching class sometimes too

9. Nobody, I repeat  NOBODY can upgrade your Jamb 2020 score. Let me  be strict with you. A guy wanted to help me do this then, around 2017. It was all fake, what did I say? Fake. I had 222 but he claim he will upgrade to 262. He didn’t do anything o. I didn’t pay him, he claimed he did and removed since I didn’t pay. Can you imagine? Don’t let anyone dupe you!!! Whereas it is illegal. Tho’ I had 222 in 2017, I was able to make 303 in 2018. You can do it. There’s nothing like JAMB upgrade!!?

10. Visiting hilearners.com daily keeps you updated on Jamb 2020. There are alot of guides you can benefit from on Hilearners. Keep visiting

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