List Of JAMB Recommended Textbooks For CRS | Best CRS UTME Textbooks

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Are you looking for the list of JAMB recommended textbooks for CRS? Is Christian Religious Studies(CRS) one of the subjects you chose during JAMB registration? If the JAMB subject combination for your course requires you to sit for CRS in the upcoming UTME, then this article is for you.

It is true that CRS is one of the simplest and hardest subjects in JAMB depending on the types of textbooks that you read for CRS in JAMB 2020.

You may be wondering, what are the best CRS textbooks to read for JAMB and pass excellently? That is what you are going to get in this article. So, calm down as I show you the way to blast CRs completely in your upcoming UTME.

List Of JAMB Recommended Textbooks For CRS 2020| Best Textbooks To Read For CRS

In one of my JAMB guides, I mentioned the use of recommended textbooks as one of the easiest ways to prepare for JAMB and excel. You can read the full article, How to prepare for JAMB and pass here.

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As a result, a lot of candidates have been asking me for JAMB recommended books to buy and pass UTME. Some of their questions can be seen below:

  • What are the recommended textbooks for CRS in JAMB
  • List of JAMB recommended CRS science textbooks to read and pass
  • Best textbooks to read for JAMB CRS

JAMB recommended textbooks for crs | Best crs textbooks for jamb


I have therefore decided to write this article in other to answer their questions. I hereby use this medium to announce to all candidates that the list of recommended CRS textbooks for JAMB is now available.

In case you are not convinced, let me show you why you should use recommended textbooks for JAMB CRS.


1. UTME questions come from these textbooks

2. They have been checked by JAMB board and are found to meet the examination standard

3. JAMB Recommended textbooks are easier to read and understand

4. Their contents cover the whole syllabus. When you read them, you will cover the syllabus for each subject.

Now, are you convinced? Let us head straight to the main topic.



  1. Adetunji, P.G. et al (2000) ExamFocus Christian Religious KnowledgeIbadan: University Press Plc
  2. Adeyemo, I. O. et al (1998) Christian Religious Knowledge for Secondary Schools Books1 – 3, Ibadan: Onibonoje
  3. Adeyinka, A. A. et al (1991) Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools, Book 1 – 3, Lagos: Longman
  4. Adigwe, H.A et’al (2004) Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools. Onitsha. Africana Publishers.
  5. Aghaeghuna, E. O. N (1988) Senior Secondary School Christian Religious Knowledge themes from Selected Epistles, Vol 1 – III, Awka, Jet Publishers
  6. Dopamu A. Et al (1990) Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools Books 1 – 3, Lagos: Nelson
  7. Ilori J. A. et al (1980) Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools Books 1 – 3, Ibadan: Evans
  8. Izuchukwu, A.E. et’al (1997) Round-Up for Senior Secondary Certificate Examination Christian Religious Knowledge: A Complete Guide. Lagos. Longman.
  9. Throckmorton, B.H, Jr. (ed) (1966) Gospel Parallels: A Synopsis of the First Three Gospels. New York. Thomas Nelson.
  10. THE BIBLE: Revised Standard Version, Stonechill Green: Bible Society Publishing House (1971).
Above is the list of recommended textbooks you can read to pass UTME excellently.
I have also compiled some UTME study guides and tips, you should check them out below.

If you have any question, feel free to ask using the comment box below.

Now that you know the official JAMB recommended textbooks for CRS 2020, don’t forget to share the article.

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