How To Boost Your Interest In Reading Permanently

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Interest in reading books

It is no doubt if I say that, the reading interest of many student has faded away completely. They have developed low or no interest in reading. I have met a lot of students complaining to me that they have lost interest in reading, what some of them told me include:

  • I have no interest in reading
  • I lost interest in reading
  • I show lack of interest in reading, why? 
  • Why is there lack of interest in reading among students
  • I am losing interest in reading
  • What is responsible for the loss of interest in reading
  • Why do i lose interest in reading

If these are your questions, you don’t need to worry again.

In this article, I have come up with the different solutions including:

  • How to develop reading interest
  • How to find reading interesting
  • How to increase reading interest
  • How to make reading interesting 
  • How to stimulate reading interest
  • What makes reading interesting
  • How to make reading interesting 

So, keep calm and read this article till the end as you are on the way to set your reading spirit on fire!.


Your Reading environment is a factor that determines whether you’ll show interest in your reading or not. Imagine a music lover reading in an environment where music is being played or a football lover reading near a football field when people are playing football. What happens? They will end up showing no interest in reading because. WHY? Their interest will be in the music or football. I will advise you to read in a silent environment where there is no distraction.

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If you have been asking the question, why do I show no interest in reading?, this might be another reason. If you are using a reading technique that is not effective for you, you’ll end up having no interest in reading. So, discover your most effective reading technique, stick to it and your reading interest will surely improve.

The type of book you read will determine whether you will show interest or not. Yes, while some books are interesting, others are not until we read them to our interest. So, read books that are interesting and you’ll see your reading interest develop. Did I forget to tell you that I didn’t have interest in biology until I started reading Modern biology and College Biology(Idodo Umeh),neither did I show interest in reading English until I read “The invisible teacher” by Dele Asade. What if you have an examination to read for and you must read a book that is not interesting? Simple and easy, you just have to continue reading it until it becomes interesting. This is because some books are interesting from the start while you have to read others to the middle or end before you find them interesting. While you are doing this, you will definitely lose concentration. So, what do I do? You don’t need to panic, there’s a way out. Just read my article on “How to read for many hours without losing concentration“.

Your reading frequency also determines your reading interest. Yes, the more you read, the more reading becomes interesting to you. So, read, read, read and read until you see the sweetness in reading.

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Ask yourself, “Why am I reading?”. If you can provide the perfect answer to this question, your reading interest will definitely increase. What is the perfect answer to the question? My own “Why” might be different from yours, so find your answer. You can also ask yourself why you show interest in reading when examination is approaching than when you don’t have any examination tips write. That is only because, “You know your reason for reading”, which is the pass the examination. So, look for a “why” even when examination is not approaching.

I can’t forget how this really helped me and my friends back then. Our class was very competitive back then that YOU MUST READ. Have you ever seen a class where the 1st and 2nd position in class challenge themselves?, while the 3rd, 4th and 5th position in class also challenged each other for the 3rd position. The funniest part is that the 6th to 11th position were not left out as they also formed their group and challenged themselves for the 6th position. We all knew our performance and who we could challenge. That challenge improved the performance of everybody in my class because we all showed interest in reading. You don’t want to miss out ESPECIALLY WHEN MONEY IS INVOLVED!. Eventually, even if you lose, you won’t regret losing your money when your grade improves.

You may decide to add this to the challenge you already have above or use this alone. You may have friends that are not interested in reading and at the same time, not ready for the challenge. If this is your case, set up a challenge for yourself. Set a target that will make you afraid, a target you think you cannot achieve. You will be amazed at how far you will go.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars

You won’t realise that you don’t know anything until you start reading. You interest in reading will definitely improve if you can follow the tips mentioned above.

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