How Many Hours To Read A Day For Post Utme 2020

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Having a strong reading plan helps you focus and achieve your desired goal. Beginning from today, have plans on how many hours you must study daily. Not just having plans, ensure to stick to your plans. students are known for their passion for studies.

Now, if you ask me the question, how many hours should someone study daily to pass Post Utme? I will break down my answers into months and weeks.

How many hours you should study a day for Post Utme depends on how close the examination is. The following reading plan will guide you:

A. When it is 6 months To Post Utme: Read for at least one hour everyday.

B. When it is 5 Months To Post Utme: Read for at least 2 hours daily.

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C. When it is 4 Months To Post Utme: Jark your book at least four hours daily.

D. When it is 3 Months To Post Utme: Study for at least five hours a day.

E. When it is 2 Months To Post Utme: Always exceed 8 hours of daily study.

F. When it is 1 Month To Post Utme: Study for at least 10 hours a day.

G. When it is 2 Weeks To Post Utme: Study for more than 15 hours a day.

H. When it is 1 Week To Post Utme: Revise for at least 10 hours daily.

Do you think it is impossible to stick to the hours above? It is very possible. I did more than that. So many other persons have exceeded those hours. You need to study like your life depends on it. You may want to click here for how to study for long hours without losing concentration.

Hope you found this guide helpful? Free free to share with friends and don’t fail to comment below.

Question for You: How many hours should you study/revise a day to Jamb?

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