How To Register And Earn #100,000+ With GLO Affiliate Program Today

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Glo Affiliate Program: Do you know you can make money with your mobile phone and Glo SIM Card through Glo affiliate program? This is an affiliate program you can use to make a lot of money doing simple tasks on your phone.

In this article, I am going to show you how to make cool money through glo affiliate program. But, wait! What is affiliate marketing itself? Let me explain to you what affiliate marketing is.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing which a business rewards someone for the product sold or customer brought by the individual’s marketing effort. In a simpler term, when you help an organization to sell one or more of their products, they pay you a FIXED discount from the profit made on the product.

For example, if you help JUMIA to sell one of their product worth #50,000 with a fixed affiliate discount of 20%. You will get #10,000 paid into your account. Cool, right? This is different from referral programs like MMM because you won’t pay a dime to get started. All you have to do is to advertise their product, get customers to buy the product and bag your cool cash.

The amount you earn depends on your marketing skills. However, you don’t really need special marketing skills to earn from Glo affiliate program.

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What is the Glo Mobile Money Agent? How does Glo affiliate program work? 

Glo mobile money agent | Glo affiliate program
Glo mobile money agent

Mobile money agent is a shop that has been registered by a mobile money operator to offer mobile money services, mainly registration, cash-in, cash-out, airtime vending and bill payments.

Mobile Money Agent is the location where customer can go and get information and assistance on mobile money services. Statistics have shown that 53.0% of adults in Nigeria are excluded from financial services and therefore, this is a potential market for mobile money business.

By becoming a mobile money agent, the agent stands to benefit from increased customer traffic flow into their shops, extra income earned from mobile money transactions commissions and global recognized brand association benefits. – from the Official Glo Website.


Things you need to earn money with Glo affiliate program?

  1. A Glo Sim Card
  2. Your Phone
  3. Your brain

With these, you can earn #50,000+ easily…


Reasons Why You Should Join Glo Affiliate Program

  1. Excellent commissions.
  2. Low cost of set-up.
  3. Full Business and Marketing Support.
  4. You only need a Glo SIM Card and phone.

As you can see above, the requirements to start earning are quite low.


How to signup and become Glo mobile money agent in Nigeria

Now, how do I register? See it below:

The best way to signup for glo affiliate program is to click here and fill in your correct details.


You will be required to fill in the following details:

  • Surname [Father’s Name]
  • First Name [Your own Name]
  • Phone [Your Glo Phone Number]
  • Local Government [the one you currently stay in]
  • Your State [the one you currently stay in]

Click Submit


Glo will get back to you through email or phone. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and become Glo mobile money agent today!

Now that you know how to become Glo mobile agent and earn cool cash in Nigeria, don’t forget to share the articles with your friends.

Personally, I think glo affiliate program is one of the easiest ways to earn money in Nigeria.

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