The JAMB Change Of Course and or Institution procedures for 2018/2019  JAMB is what we are going to discuss in this Article.

This is to inform all JAMB Candidates especially those who made a mistake while choosing the course they want to study or while choosing the Institution or University they want to apply to, that it is now possible for them to change to they desired institution or course.

I have received a lot of questions concerning JAMB Change of Course and Institutions such as

  • I Selected a Wrong course while filling in my JAMB Registration Details, can i be able to correct it?

  • When am i going to do a Change of Course or Institution, is it after JAMB Registration or During the Registration?

  • Can i be able to correct any mistake i made concerning my Course of Study and the Institution of Choice?

  • Now Lets answer some of the questions provided concerning JAMB 2017/2018 2019  change of course and Institution.



Yes. If you made any mistake concerning the Course you want to study or the University or Institution that you want to study in, You can be able to change or correct it to your desired course or University.


Knowing that JAMB Change of Course and or Institution is possible if one made a mistake while choosing Course or University, The Next Question is: Is after JAMB Registration or Before JAMB Registration Deadline that i can do a change of Institution?

The answer is No. Jamb change of course or institution is done after the release of JAMB Result when all JAMB Examination has taken place.

Candidates who wish to do a change of Course or Institution are to visit the nearest Accredited JAMB Registration Center or visit the center where they did their JAMB Registration and do the Change of Course or Institution.

How Much Does It Cost To Do A JAMB Change Of Course And Institution

Candidates who wish to proceed to do a JAMB change of Institution or Course are to note that there is a price tag attached to it.

JAMB Change of Course and Institution is N2,500 for each correction to be effected.

So candidates who wish to do a change of course should anticipate that the amount will be around N2,500.

How To do a change of Course and Institution will be explained when JAMB Result has been released and when the Course form is Available.

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