Does UNICAL Accept Two Sittings For Admission? See Answer

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Does UNICAL accept two sittings for admission? This is the question I am going to answer in this article.So,let’see

Can I gain admission into UNICAL with two sittings? Or does University of Calabar, UNICAL accept two sittings? These are the questions that runs through the mind of many university of calabar aspirants.

If you fall among these categories of aspirants, then this article is for you:

  1. You choose UNICAL as your first choice university during UTME registration
  2. You changed institution or you are about to change institution to UNICAL
  3. You have incomplete O’level in your WAEC/NECO/GCE and hence want to use two sittings

Before I answer the main question, I will like to explain what “two sittings” means and the possible O’level results you can combine. Let’s get started.


This is a phrase used describe the combination of two (2) O’level results. In most cases, it is as a result of incomplete O’level results.

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For example, someone who failed Mathematics in WAEC but passed Mathematics in WAEC GCE can combine both results hence the term “Two sittings”.

There are 4 common O’level examinations written in Nigeria, these are:

  1. WAEC May/June (For school candidates)
  2. WAEC Nov/Dec (For Private candidates) – also called WAEC GCE
  3. NECO May/June (For school candidates)
  4. NECO Nov/Dec (For Private candidates) – also called NECO GCE

So, before I answer the question “does UNICAL accept two sittings?” I will like to know if you really have two sittings.

If you want to combine NECO and WAEC, that is not two sittings. This is because the examination bodies in charge of both examinations are different. Possible two sittings combinations are:

  1. WAEC May/June + WAEC Nov/Dec (WAEC GCE)
  2. NECO May/June + NECO Nov/Dec (NECO GCE)

This means that you cannot combine the following as two sittings:

  1. WAEC and NECO
  2. WAEC and NECO GCE
  3. NECO and WAEC GCE

Now, I believe you know what two sittings really means, I will now answer the main question (does UNICAL accept two sittings).


Depending on the course you want to study, UNICAL accept two(2) sittings.

For courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Law and other competitive courses, UNICAL does not accept two(2) sittings.

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I hope I have been able to answer your question, does UNICAL accept two(2) sittings for admission?

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