5 Categories Of Students In Night Reading Classes

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It is not every student that goes to night class to study. There are different categories of students you will find in night reading class.

In University of Ibadan and some schools in Nigeria, there is something called TDB (Till Day Break). This is very common among students especially during examination period.

Students usually go to various reading rooms and library to read overnight. From my personal experience, not every student actually go for TDB to read.

categories of students in night classes

If you have gone to various reading rooms to read overnight, you will agree with me that different students have various missions there.

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Now, I will quickly show you the 5 categories of students you will find in every night class.

5 Categories Of Students In Night Classes

  1. The Jackophytes

These are the major students in night reading class. They are actually the ones that go to night classes to study overnight.

The work “Jackis used to refer to “Study” in various campuses in Nigeria. When students tell you, “I want to go and jack”, it simply means they want to go and read.

That is a verb. Students that jack are called Jackophytes. Other names students use include Jackometer, Jacksparo, Jackospora, Jack-of-all-trades e.t.c.

This is the first on my list and most people think that these are the only categories of students that go to night classes.

But this is not true, I have 4 more categories to show you. The next category is:


  1. The talkative

These are the students that will go to night reading classes only to talk, gossip and discuss overnight.

These people can talk for Africa and they will even disturb the first category of students mentioned above. Now, let’s move to the next category of night readers.


  1. The Phone addicts

Here they are. These are the third on my list. They never run out of data. Even when they do, night sub is there to save them.

These people will browse through the net overnight watching YouTube videos and chatting all night.

If you are not a blogger that post articles overnight, then you fall in this category. Instead of reading their book, they will rather read their phone.


  1. The Sleeping Beauties

I have seen a lot. Kai, some people can sleep. These people will go to night reading classes only to sleep overnight and go back to their hostel the next day without reading a word.

I have seen someone that came to night class around 8pm, slept till 4am the next day, woke up, went out to brush his teeth and ate rice. Then, he carried his bag and started going back to the hostel.

Then I asked myself, “What has he gained exactly?” It would have been better if he had slept in his hostel comfortably.

You know the funniest part? His roommate would feel intimidated when he returns back to his hostel. They would think he actually read overnight while they were sleeping.

If you don’t want to be like my guy, then the article below will help you. I have never gone to night classes to sleep.


  1. The Love Seekers

Some people go to night reading classes just to impress a girl there. Some of them keep staring at the girl instead of reading their books.

Some will force their selves to read books they don’t even understand. I have seen a guy in UI that went to reading class to see a girl.

Now, I have listed all the 5 categories of students I have seen in night classes. If you enjoyed the article, don’t forget to share it with friends.