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If you are looking for a scholarship you can apply for to study in The UK, then UNICAF Scholarship is the perfect scholarship you should apply for.

UNICAF is known to be one of the most generous scholarship programmes available all over the world. UNICAF partners with the University of South Wales in the UK, the University of Nicosia in Europe and Unicaf University in Africa to offer online, quality undergraduate and post graduate degrees, to the benefit of thousands of students in Africa and other continents.


In this article, I will be discussing:

  • Description of this UNICAF scholarship 
  • Why you should apply for this UNICAF scholarship 
  • How to apply for this UNICAF scholarship

Description of this UNICAF scholarship

This scholarship offers you the opportunity to study in one of the largest universities of the UK, The University of South Wales, covering up to 80% of your tuition fee. It is available for applicants from Nigeria only.

Why you should study through UNICAF scholarship?

  • It is cheap – It covers up to 80% of your tuition while you pay very small amount of it. You are also allowed to pay the remaining balance in monthly payment. 
  • You earn an internationally recognized degree by studying with UNICAF, thus improving your career prospect. 
  • It is easy to use. You have access to 24/7 online learning even while working!. You can study Online and graduate in campus. 
  • Ease of registration – It is easy to apply for, get the scholarship(if eligible) and start studying. 
  • You also get a FREE Windows 10 tablet, upon payment of the required deposit.

Can you now see why you should apply for UNICAF scholarship?

How to apply for UNICAF study in UK scholarship

You can apply for this scholarship on by clicking here, fill in the online form and click APPLY NOW!.

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What happens after you apply?

A UNICAF adviser will call you from a UK number (starting from +44).
The UNICAF admissions team will then reach out to you to schedule an interview, to discuss the admissions procedure and to help you with your scholarship application.

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